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DIY: Daniel's Easy Handlebar Swap

Easy is usually overrated when talking about motorcycle DIY but for Daniel he shows us how in under 30 minutes he changed the look and feel of his '99 XL Chopper.

Daniel is a daily rider in the city. His commute to Born Free Cycles every day is about 20 minutes of lane splitting on the 5 fwy. Good handling is important to him and his 12" rabbit ear bars just weren't cutting it giving him a too laid back of a feeling. So after a little research, he chose to go with Prism Supply Co. Hurricane 8" Bars with Paughco Risers.

Starting on his lunch break he grabbed a few tools and got to work. He used a 5/8" socket, 1/4" allen, and phillips head. First, he took apart the controls and removed the grips using a little air to widen them to slide off. No need for a cable swap because Daniel made sure before ordering that his new bars and risers would fit with the same setup.

30 minutes later Daniel was done! Now he says the bike handles better than ever and his bike has that old-school knucklehead look he really wanted. We encourage DIY projects here and Daniel being a DIY kind of guy can help you pick up the right parts for your next project. No question is too small or big and ordering parts from us come with some peace of mind. Ask about price match and next-day delivery options.

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Hell yeah! Good stuff! Keep it going guys! 🔥

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